Sara Barrett has starred on TV's' Unsolved Mysteries, What I Like About You, and Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Beverly Hills Pawn. She appears in the films The Nanny Express and Lost in Transit 2 and sings Amazing Grace in the opening scene of Terror Firmer. Recently, she has had a role in the independent film, Judgment Day, to be released in 2014.

Sara is the spokesmodel for Domain of Horror and has appeared in numerous commercials and publications, including Femme Fatales Magazine, Heavy Metal Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Boulevard Magazine, LA Weekly, LA Health News, LA Xpress and the cover of Richard Thompson's CD, Sweet Warrior.

Barrett has posed for fantasy art in Dungeons & Dragons Primal Power, Fantasy Art Now by Martin McKenna, Maidens by Monte Moore (back cover), The Art of Wench by Monte Moore, Postmortem: The Art of RK Post and The Art of Dorian Cleavenger. She portrays Ressa in the PC game Dungeon Siege 2 and Temptress in Wench! The Drinking Man's Thinking Game. She is on the Magic Cards Defiling Tears, Faerie Squadron and Ruthless Cullblade and is World of Warcraft's Arch Druid Lilliandra.

Sara was named Sci-Fi & Fantasy babe of the day, was recently interviewed by Blair Walsh and won the title of Miss Shockfest at the 6th annual Shockfest film festival.